I've reactivated Counter-Strike Source and Left 4 Dead 2.

The slow going is mainly due to most of my free time being taken up with League of Legends and Battlefield 3, both of which we play using the official clients. I just got Pantheon for LoL and I'm keen to reach level 30...

New server

I got a new server. The most significant changes are:
- i5 2500K CPU.
- No Graphics card.
- 8BG RAM.
- Thermaltake Element T case.
- Debian Squeeze 6.0.3 AM64 OS.

Less significant changes are Gb Ethernet, Gnome, SAMBA, x11VNC and no optical drive.

First I installed my personal services to alleviate withdrawal symptoms... So far, the only gameserver I've reactivated is UT3. I'll update with more soon.


I've reloaded all my database backups:
UT3 - Last match is from July.
MW2 - Last match is from July.
BO - Fully updated.
L4D2 - Last record 21st September 2011 (3 weeks).
TF2 - Lost :(
CSS - Lost :(

I'll continue working on restoring everything over the weekend.


The server situation is grim. I've had enough fooling around with it. Tests are telling me that the HDD is OK so I'm going to assume that because it's a 7 year old computer, it's time to go to heaven. I'm going to get a new one. Low power, no graphics card. Wish me luck.....


My Server failed yesterday :( The logs indicate an error with the SATA device. I had no way of knowing if the problem is with the controller or the actual HDD.

"But why is this so bad Agamemnus? Surely you have a backup?" I hear you asking... Well, yes and no. I backup the SQL databases fairly regularly. I have constant copies of all my mods, client installers and server installers. What I DON'T have is a backup of all my config files and scripts. I get way too excited trying out new stuff all the time that I forget to make sure I could rebuild everything I have on every occasion.


The latest steam update has caused issues with our smart launcher. I've found a workaround. The current compatibility of custom clients and official clients will remain unchanged. I'll have to assist some people making the changeover, but I'm fairly certain it will not be hard at all. Those who have kept all their official clients will have an easier time than those who only have custom variants.


I've installed HLX:CE Stats to the server. It operates on both the TF2 and CSS game servers.

Currently the address tree isn't logical. I will change that in my own time. It's not particularly important and wont affect anything when the change happens.

Unfortunately for Renegade his lead on TF2 has been nullified. Though I doubt it will take him long to re-establish "dominance".

I may or may not add maps for CSS. Will depend on how fun it proves to be.

The server shortcuts have been updated. There is one more to add for TF2.

Counter Strike Source

I've installed the game server and uploaded the client. The client has an update facility included to make things as easy as possible for users, and I've programmed the server to use a scripting sequence for updating and customisation.

The inter-operability and fully customisable mod facility is set up. There's no way this can be done any easier. Here's hoping not too many users are idiots...

Counter Strike Source

Renegade, not so long ago, mentioned something about Counter Strike.

As opposed to using a fairly segmented client distribution as found in 1.6, I thought it would be better to go for the Source version. It seemed fairly doable from the beginning, adding to the fact that Source 2007 offers many more mod facilities than the Classic engine it also comes with the Orangebox game set.


Portal 2 is up, will finalise it shortly. AvP is on it's way.

I've looked into custom clients for Counter Strike Source and it seems that the updating problem applies. I might just quit while I'm ahead and lock the version from the get go. This will mean that full Steam copies cannot play, and that custom clients cannot be reverted back to Steam copies. Honestly, there's no good reason to QQ over having 2 installations, especially a game as small as CSS.

More updates to follow this week...

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